Dick Richards


My current work in abstract painting is mirrored by the resilience of a kneaded rubber eraser that withstood being stashed away in various containers and being transported across the United States, from Pennsylvania to Arizona, over a period of nearly forty-five years.

I began my work life as a silk screen artist while studying advertising design at what was then called the Philadelphia College of Art. I diverted into a career in organization development, my art confined to occasional splurges of photography. While treading that path I authored three books whose titles reflect the submerged artist in me: Artful Work, The Art of Winning Commitment, and Is Your Genius at Work?

Some years ago I thought to see what was left of my artistry and dug a box of art supplies from the back of a closet. I found the kneaded rubber eraser there among boxes of charcoal and pastels, various drafting instruments, and a few jars of paint. The eraser was still in working order, and so, it seems, is my artistry.

I then made forays into drawing and watercolor, showing drawings at the Arizona State Fair Fine Art Show and selling a few watercolors, then landing on abstract acrylic painting as the medium that most allows me to find creative expression. Paintings of mine now hang in homes across the United States, and in various venues in the Phoenix area.